Create a content strategy before you start

Create a content strategy before you start

Don't dive in head first! Create a content strategy before you start adding any pages.

Planning an effective SEO/UX content strategy

It's important to plan your content first and consider the effect it will have from an SEO and UX perspective. Even though the content and strategy is your sole responsibility, we are happy to provide pointers and tips within your support contract*.

Focus points for consideration:
  • Use a spreadsheet or other tools to plan your strategy
  • Identify which topics your content will cover
  • Define entry points for topics and articles from within your site
  • Prioritize lower difficulty topics that are likely to yield the highest return
  • Consider SEO opportunities alongside improving the UX for your existing users
  • Focus on linkability and opportunity
  • Train up on the basics of writing good meta titles etc
  • Regularly update and maintain existing content
  • Schedule the migration of old content (blog for example) to new ES pages
  • Take the time to optimise your images correctly
  • Prepare your content in advance using resources such as Google Docs and Sheets

* This does not include support for external agencies. If an external agency is managing your content/strategy and requires support then a cost can be provided on request.