Create a brand

Brands are important for any retailer, Voracio provides a simple interface to manage your brands. We take into account that a "brand" may actually have different types, by taking this approach we can offer better flexibility throughout the website.

For example, let’s say your website sells musical instruments, recorded music and also books.

Instruments such as guitars, sure, they are relevant to be associated with a ‘brand’ such as Fender, Epiphone, Martin etc

Recorded music however will be better associated with an Artist/Band such as The Beatles, Oasis, Madonna.

Books are likely to be better associated with an ‘author’, such as Stephen King, JK Rowling, Dan Brown.

Hence when you create a brand in Voracio, you select the type of brand: Brand, Artist, Author.

Every product you add to the site will be assigned to a brand at the start of the product creation process.

Create a brand

In this tutorial, we’ll create a brand for an electronic TV supplier.

  1. Go to Catalogue > Brands.
  2. Click the blue Add button.
  3. Enter: Samsung.
  4. Leave the Type selected as Brand.
  5. Click into the dotted green area to upload the logo for the brand. There is a tooltip link called Dimensions which specifies the optimum size.
  6. Click the green Save button.

Edit or Delete a brand

It’s simple to edit a brand, simply select the brand in the list and click the blue Edit button. You can change anything that you originally configured during the creation of the brand. To change the logo, click the Edit button, you can also Delete the logo if required.

Hiding the brand text from a product title

There may be some circumstances whereby you want to hide the brand name from the product title. An example might be that you have a range of your own products that are actually unbranded, or may the brand of the product is simply unknown.

In these cases you could simply create a brand, something like, unbranded, and simply tick the checkbox called Hidden from title.

Brand landing page (editorial content)

The brand landing page (with editorial content) for the brand is separated from the brand title itself. Voracio allows you to create brand landing pages, where you can add search engine optimised editorial content for each brand you see fit.

Contact Voracio to learn how to create a brand landing page.