Placing telephone orders

Placing telephone orders


Offered as a premium feature, the Voracio telephone order module allows you to easily take phone orders through your website. From the customers section in the Voracio manager, you can search for an existing customer or create a new customer record. (The process caters for if the customer does not have an email address by assigning a unique internal email address.)

You then login as the customer (we call this process 'morphing') and continue to browse your website, adding the required items to basket, just like the customer would if they were browsing the site. This can give your sales staff taking the call, the opportunity to upsell and also provide any detailed information on the products.

The checkout is also very similar to what a the customer would experience, External and Card payment are offered at checkout. External payment offers a choice of methods, but note that no actual payment is made, the choice you make here is just for reference. Card payment details are sent to the provider as a MOTO payment type. You would not be asked to complete the 3D secure stage (as the customer cannot provide 3d secure info over the phone).

If the customer has a valid email address, they will receive an order confirmation email.

How to place a telephone order

Go to Customers > Customers

Ask the customer if they have ordered through the website before, if they have, you can search for them using various criteria. If they have not, or simply that you cannot find them, you can add a new customer record.

Adding a new customer.

Click the blue Add button and complete the self explanatory fields as necessary. A check will be made against the email to see if already exists.

Click the green Save button, you will see a Success message with a button next to it stating Login as customer

This will open up a new browser tab with you morphed as that customer, at the top of the window you will see a wide bar which indicates the customer that you are logged in as.

From here simply browse the site in whatever way you like in order to add the items to basket that the customer would like to order.

Complete the checkout process.

How to identify a phone order

Under Sales > Orders you will see a column called Entry method, this will state either E-commerce or Telephone. You can apply a filter to the page to only show either of these two entry methods.

In the detail of an order you will also see Payment method (entry method).